The Doctor's Guide to a Sustainable Online Presence (Part 1/3): Mastering Your Online Profile |
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The Doctor’s Guide to a Sustainable Online Presence (Part 1/3): Mastering Your Online Profile

When the Digital Experience Precedes the Physical Experience

Many doctors and dentists pride themselves on delivering excellent service to their patients in the office. However, many do not realize that your relationship with your patients doesn’t start there. Times have changed. In our era of swipes, clicks, and “always on”, patients are tapping into digital sources of information to decide whether to spend time with you – offline. Paying attention to your online presence is a first step to fostering trust.

When 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, your relationship with your potential patients really starts before you even get to meet face to face.

A well managed presence is a springboard to a great digital experience – before patients come through your door. Yet, in spite of how an online presence should facilitate new “buying” behaviors, there is so much outdated and unhelpful advice on how you should go about establishing your online presence. Advice like, “You need to be in the top spot for SEO”; “Spend more on Adwords”; “Invest in your website”, especially from your “SEO guy” who has never built a comprehensive presence himself, can set you back in these times.

To help you connect better to your modern patients, we have put together a three- part course that thousands of doctors and dentists have implemented to establish a healthy customer experience. We kick off with cultivating a first positive impression (below). We then cover the key ingredient for a sustainable presence on Google, Yelp and other major review sites. Our final post wraps up with the one button our most successful doctors and dentists use to traffic more patients from the internet and through their door.

Ready to make 2018 your best year yet? Get started with Part One of our course below.

Cultivating a Positive First Impression with your Online Presence

Maximizing your online visibility so patients Googling you can find you makes sense. It is why SEO is all the rage today. However, if you focus only on SEO and your website, your practice will fall behind. While Google is the destination for searches and reviews, many doctors and dentists may not realize there are 40+ other sites on the internet where 1000’s of patient decisions are made everyday!

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These sites are already well optimized for SEO. Whenever someone Googles for doctor or dental information, these healthcare review sites will immediately show up in their search results.  So, you can imagine why focusing on SEO or your website alone might short change your practice on new patient opportunities.

In marketing, we have the golden rule – make it easy for your customer to do whatever it is you want them to do, i.e. take that specific action with you, so you can sell them on your value. In this case, let’s make it easy for your potential patients to click on you based on the information they see – whatever patient site that may be. To do that successfully, you need to be in full control of your own information across the internet.

Mastering Your Profile on 40+ Sites for Healthcare

Controlling your own information starts with claiming your profiles on sites where patients research you. This tactic reigns supreme as a means to boost your visibility IMMEDIATELY:

  • Unlike SEO, it’s easier and doesn’t require a lot of work up front;
  • Unlike website optimization, it bears fruit in days, not months;
  • Unlike Adwords, it doesn’t require a team or deep pockets to master!

While there are dozens of sites dedicated to healthcare, focusing on the ones with the highest organic ranking can boost traffic to you from day one. Sites like Yelp, Healthgrades, Google and Vitals are bursting at the seams with potential patients. With over 35M+ patients flocking there to make healthcare decisions every month, you can be confident your competitors are there too. There really is no better time than today to get on these sites, claim your profiles, and start delivering on a better digital experience potential patients can expect from you.

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Scrubbing Your Information for a Better Online Presence so Google Loves You More! 😍

Once you gain a handle on your profile, ensuring basic information about you is correct and valid improves your online success. If Google finds conflicting information on your name, address, phone number, office hours, etc., it may not attribute any of the information back to you, or worse, you could be penalized. Profiles that stand out go the extra mile with photos, a personal statement about the doctor and their practice, and detailed information about the treatments and procedures offered by them.

Once you have mastered your profile, building a sustainable reputation will skyrocket your online presence and amplify your customer experience across the internet. Part two of our course covers this – click here to read it. To access the entire course at once, register for our FREE webinar, “How To Improve Your Online Presence for a Better Customer Experience” today.

If you’re ready to improve your online presence for a better customer experience, request a FREE strategy session by clicking here.

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