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Clean up your act. Everywhere, online.

Countless third party data sources continually feed inaccurate or outdated information to the most important sites used by patients to find care — making you look bad and hard to find.

Update once, update everywhere

Your master profile automatically replaces any inaccuracies or inconsistencies found across the web with your most recent information (i.e., address, contact details, insurance).
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24/7 brand protection

Our platform works 24/7 to detect and fix any bad data published on the web continuously, improving your search performance and online visibility. Our exclusive partnerships with Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, YP, and the most trusted healthcare and business sites give you unrivaled control of your online presence.

The first complete platform, purpose-built for healthcare

We’ve built our platform from the ground up to help providers and practices achieve a rich online presence, across the most prominent network of patient destinations (i.e., business/health directories, search engines, and social media platforms). We are the only company that can seamlessly update your physician listings as well as your practice and location listings. Platforms built to promote restaurants, barbershops and plumbers just won’t cut it.
Laptop with Profile and Google Logos is helping Google My Business adapt to the healthcare industry

Google My Business was originally designed for commercial businesses, not medical practices. This has made it hard for healthcare institutions to accurately represent themselves online. Together, our two organizations are working to make Google My Business more effective and efficient for healthcare.

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Better Patient Experience An incorrect address or phone number equals frustration and missed opportunities with new and existing patients.

Improved SEO Accurate, consistent information strengthens your brand's SEO, making it easier for patients to find and request an appointment with you.

Prevent Leakage Ensure new patients can find you easily online and request an appointment.

Save Time, Money and Frustration Combat the constant inflow of bad data from 3rd party sources. Save yourself hours of manual labor with our self-running Master Profile.

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