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  • Results are way better than I anti­cipat­ed. I have already re­com­mend­ed to others!

    Bariatrician from Florida
    customer since Mar 2018
  • Doctor.com is a worthwhile invest­ment for the health pro­fessional or practice in getting the word "out there" to the public about the quality of the services provided. We have just begun and are begin­ning to see people respond and call for appointments.

    Dentist from Connecticut
    customer since Dec 2017
  • Customer Service is always keep­ing us abreast of new changes and mak­ing sure we are utiliz­ing the service to our fullest!

    Pediatric Dentist from North Carolina
    customer since Jun 2017
  • Still a fan of your service after a year of use. Excellent value. Great people work­ing for you. My rep is fantastic!

    Cosmetic Surgeon from California
    customer since Jun 2017
  • Very pleasant ex­perience overall! The laptop has been user friend­ly for our patients. Always able to have any tech­nical issues answered im­me­diate­ly. The web cleanup was super effective and we have noticed a difference in our online presence.

    Dentist from Tennessee
    customer since Mar 2017