See how our partnership with Google helps doctors rack up positive patient reviews
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How the–Google partnership helps you harness the power of patient reviews

The web is rife with review of bars, restaurants, hotels, music venues, retailers, and more. But one key area where reviews have been historically absent? Healthcare.

All that’s started to change. People — i.e., your patients — are growing more vocal about their experiences in doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, etc. Everything from your bedside manner to the waiting room atmosphere is under new scrutiny. Worried? Don’t be! You may be surprised to learn that racking up patient reviews is actually a good thing for your online reputation — and your practice overall.

In this ever-evolving era of transparency, 80% of people seek out online reviews before making a healthcare-related decision.’s chief strategy officer Reed Mollins recently dropped by the Google blog to discuss how doctors can get more positive reviews across the websites that matter most to patients.

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Read his full post here.

As a Google partner, we’re helping Google My Business adapt to the healthcare industry, becoming a more effective and efficient resource for doctors. To learn more about our partnership with Google and how we work together, click here. You can also watch Reed explain how to boost your Google listing in this video.

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