Google Posts: What they are and how they impact your online presence
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What are Google Posts, and how do they benefit your practice?

You may have already come across Google Posts. They were first teased out in January 2016 as a tool for politicians to gain online traction during campaign season. A few months later, Google Posts launched for a small number of local businesses and have since continued to expand from industry to industry, incorporating healthcare in the process.

What are Google Posts? An overview. 

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Google Posts come in an eye-catching “card-like format” and live within a business’s knowledge panel. The free feature is similar to Facebook posts visually and functionally. Doctors can use them to highlight promotions, patient reviews, or any other content you want to showcase in your knowledge panel.

Here’s what it looks like within the knowledge panel: 

An example of Google Posts in Dr. George Woodbury's knowledge Panel

You can even upload videos!

Video from Dr. George Woodbury in a Google Post

Why are Google Posts important? 

Google Posts give your practice more coverage on the world’s most powerful search engine. They’re also thought to affect ranking within search results, though given Google’s secrecy around its algorithm, it’s hard to say definitively how much impact they truly have. Still, experts agree that Google Posts are a low-effort way to amplify your visibility on Google, improve consumer engagement, and even increase appointment bookings. And with colorful images and direct calls to action, patients are more likely to click through to your content.

How does leverage Google Posts for clients? 

While anyone has the ability to manually create a Google Post, has introduced a new feature that saves eligible customers time and puts great reviews front and center. When you enable the new feature, our technology starts creating images and text from your four- and five-star patient reviews (collected through the ReviewHub™) and auto-publishing them once a week in the form of Google Posts. Brightly colored calls to action also direct patients to book appointments online. This supplements your review-collection efforts by broadcasting the best patient testimonials on Google in addition to Healthgrades, Vitals, and the other sites partners with.

Here’s what testimonials in Google Posts look like:

Google Posts can highlight great patient reviews

An example of Google Posts in Dr. George Woodbury's knowledge Panel

Learn more about how partners and works with Google here. For a deeper dive into leveraging every tool Google offers practices, watch our webinar: “How to Conquer Google and Outrank the Competition.”

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