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There’s More to Transparency Than Just Stars

Our robust transparency solution enables you to display verified, professional survey data about your providers right on their profile pages, building trust with patients.

Lead the cultural shift toward transparency

Significant change doesn’t happen overnight, and the shift toward a transparent environment can be a huge step for an organization. To help you get started, we give you tools and feedback to ignite organizational momentum and get your providers excited about going transparent.
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Transparency with a purpose

At, we believe that transparency isn’t an outcome — it’s a tool for continual improvement. The more you learn from your patients, the more you can see what’s working and what’s not.

Flexibility in deployment and ongoing innovation

We’ve designed our systems to allow your organization to have maximum operational and strategic agility. We can help you with everything from sorting the types and sources of data to supplying the resources needed to execute, along with the metrics needed to know how efforts are coming along.
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Flexibility of Data Sources Don’t be tied to one data source. No matter who you use for your surveys, we’ve got you covered.

No IT Resources Needed We handle all the heavy lifting. Just copy some text on your page and you’re done.

Patient Surveys Display CAHPS-certified survey data so patients can trust you.

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