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Physician Data Warehouse

Make your data work for you.

Our physician data warehouse solution provides a centralized way to organize, store and create workflows for your provider and listings data.

A single source of truth

We take disparate data flows from across your organization and translate, standardize and enhance that data with our proprietary taxonomy as well as claims data. Our PDW will become a single source of truth for your organization’s incredibly complex data.
Physician Data Warehouse

The right data

Knowing you have correct basic data like addresses and phone numbers can be hard. Ensuring you have advanced data like keywords and interest can feel nearly impossible. Our PDW solution streamlines your internal data to present a united front.

Internal data integration

We can integrate all of your data no matter where and how you organize it, from credentialing to department spreadsheets.

Consumer Mapping

Working with 200 hospitals over the past 20 years, we know how patients search and can help match consumer searches to clinical terms.

Claims Data

Using insurance data, we know what terms best describe what providers actually do so patients find what they need.

PDW Data example

Data Analysis

Quickly see which departments have the correct data and fix them with the click of a button.

Single source of truth

Data beamed back and forth internally as well as across the web to consumers, always keeping you up to date.

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