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Digital Patient Trends in Pharma

By facilitating the “last mile” of a patient’s journey to care, pharmaceutical and medical device companies can significantly boost patient and caregiver confidence in provider and brand selection.

~50% of patients struggle in finding the right doctor to access proper treatment.

The new digital path to prescription

 Nearly three-quarters of the public screened for our survey have researched a medication or medical device online in the past year, but many fall short of connecting with the providers who can prescribe the care they need. Pharmaceutical and medical device marketers have an enormous opportunity ahead to bridge this gap between patient and physician, increasing brand loyalty in the process.



52% rely on brand websites to research prescription information



88% want pharma brand websites to feature a find-a-doctor directory



81% are more likely to use a brand website that has a doctor directory



64% would prefer a digital appointment scheduling option*

* Via a website’s doctor directory



63% would download additional brand content after choosing a doctor*

* Via a website’s doctor directory


A brand’s website has become a critical resource for patients and caregivers, and it has the potential to deliver much more value along the entire journey.

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In a 2019 survey of 1,300+ consumers, explores how modern-day patients and caregivers find and decide on physicians and treatment options. The survey reveals that they would lean heavily on pharma brands to expedite this process, signaling a huge opportunity for the industry writ large.

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  • Engage patients and caregivers much earlier in their treatment journey
  • Overcome the primary roadblocks in the way of proper care
  • Provide the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health
  • Improve consumer trust and loyalty to providers and brands

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