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In-depth analysis specifically built for healthcare

Doctor.com’s reputation insights solution tracks the most popular third-party review sites and consolidates all the information in one easy-to-use platform. Analyzing large groups of patient reviews provides an incredible set of data for you to dig deep and gain insights on — then proactively take steps to ensure patients feel heard and understood.

Big-ticket solutions on a mid-market budget

This cutting-edge technology was only available to large hospitals — until now. For the first time, Doctor.com is offering reputation insights to mid-market practices to help your brand establish and grow the right reputation in the right places online.

"Siloed data prevents healthcare organizations from delivering care efficiently, while obstructing the care-seeking journey for patients. Looking to the future, innovation should be focused on holistic and robust solutions that empower healthcare organizations to provide a stronger and more effective end-to-end customer journey."
Andrei Zimiles
CEO and Cofounder of Doctor.com

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