Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch, MD

Pediatrician (Kids / Children Specialist) - Pediatric Cardiology


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Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch, MD is a Pediatrician (Kids / Children Specialist) - Pediatric Cardiology practicing in Palo Alto, CA

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Provider Training

View All Other DegreeMDNot Specified
McGill University Faculty of Medicine Medical Degree1971

Residency - University of Colorado Program A Not Specified

CertificationCert. BodyYear
Sub-Specialty: Pediatric Cardiology
PediatricsNot Specified

Experience & Accolades

Publication Publisher Title Published
Other Publicationjourl of experimental medicineReduced BMPR2 expression induces GM2014
Other Publicationjourl of clinical investigationFK506 activates BMPR2, rescues endothelial dysfunction, and reverses pulmory hypertension.2013
Other PublicationPulmory circulationCombining induced pluripotent stem cell with next generation sequencing technology to gain new2013
Other PublicationCirculation researchLoss of adenomatous poliposis coli2012
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PATHOLOGYNeutrophil Elastase Is Produced by Pulmory Artery Smooth Muscle Cells2011
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONDisruption of PPAR gamma2011
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PATHOLOGYInhibition of Transforming Growth Factor beta Worsens Elastin Degradation2011
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELL BIOLOGYBMP promotes motility and represses growth of smooth muscle cells by activation of tandem Wnt2011
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYTie2-mediated loss of peroxisome proliferator2009
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHS100A4 and Bone Morphogenetic Protein2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELL BIOLOGYBone morphogenetic protein 2 induces pulmory angiogenesis via Wnt-beta-catenin2009
Other PublicationDEVELOPMENTSM22 alpha-targeted deletion of bone morphogenetic protein receptor 1A in mice impairs cardiac2008
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONAn antiproliferative BMP2008
Other PublicationJourl of the American College of CardiologyRelevant issues in the pathology and pathobiology of pulmory hypertension.2013
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYChronic effects of pulmory artery stenosis on hemodymic and structural development of the lungs2013
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHRegulatory T Cells Limit Vascular Endothelial Injury and Prevent Pulmory Hypertension2011
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINEInhibiting Lung Elastase Activity Ebles Lung Growth in Mechanically Ventilated Newborn Mice2011
Other PublicationRabinovitch, M.PPAR gamma and the Pathobiology of Pulmory Arterial Hypertension2010
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYProlonged mechanical ventilation with air induces apoptosis2010
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRYCholinergic Modulation of Angiogenesis: Role of the 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELL SCIENCELC3-mediated fibronectin mR translation induces fibrosarcoma growth by increasing connective tissue2009
Other PublicationCARDIOLOGY IN THE YOUNGBalloon occlusion pulmory wedge angiography2009
Other PublicationEUROPEAN RESPIRATORY JOURLInsulin resistance in pulmory arterial hypertension2009
Other PublicationFASEB JOURLVEGF blockade inhibits angiogenesis and reepithelialization of endometrium2008
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONMolecular pathogenesis of pulmory arterial hypertension2008
Other PublicationJOURL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINEPulmory arterial remodeling induced by a Th2 immune response2008
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHSmooth muscle protein 22 alpha2008
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYReactivation of gamma HV68 induces neointimal lesions in pulmory arteries of S100A42008
Other PublicationDEVELOPMENTAL DYMICSDevelopmental expression of LC3 alpha and beta2008
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYMechanical ventilation uncouples synthesis and assembly of elastin and increases apoptosis2008
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYMechanical ventilation with 40% oxygen reduces pulmory expression of genes that regulate lung2007
Other PublicationJOURL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGYPoint: Counterpoint: Chronic hypoxia-induced pulmory hypertension does2007
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-LUNG CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGYDysregulation of pulmory elastin synthesis and assembly in preterm lambs with chronic lung disease2007
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINENuclear factor-kappa B activation in neotal mouse lung protects against lipopolysaccharide2007
Other PublicationCIRCULATIONPulmory arterial hypertension is linked to insulin resistance2007
Other PublicationANNUAL REVIEW OF PATHOLOGY-MECHANISMS OF DISEASEPathobiology of pulmory hypertension2007
Other PublicationCHESTCellular and molecular pathobiology of pulmory hypertension conference summary2005
Other PublicationCHESTMts1/S100A4 stimulates human pulmory artery2005
Other PublicationFASEB jourlCaspases from apoptotic myocytes degrade extracellular matrix: a novel remodeling paradigm.2005
Other PublicationPEDIATRIC RESEARCHGene transfer of prostaglandin synthase maintains patency of the newborn lamb arterial duct2005
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHIncreased fibulin-5 and elastin in S100A4/Mts1 mice with pulmory hypertension2005
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHInterdependent serotonin transporter and receptor pathways regulate S100A42005
Other PublicationCIRCULATIONEpidermal growth factor receptor blockade mediates smooth muscle cell apoptosis2005
Other PublicationPLOS BIOLOGYSubversion of cellular autophagosomal machinery by R viruses2005
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHApolipoprotein D and platelet-derived growth factor2004
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PHYSIOLOGY-HEART AND CIRCULATORY PHYSIOLOGYElafin-overexpressing mice have improved cardiac function after myocardial infarction2004
Other PublicationCIRCULATIONPulmory arterial hypertension - Future directions - Report of a tiol Heart2004
Other PublicationJOURL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGYCellular and molecular pathobiology of pulmory arterial hypertension2004
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHThe mouse through the looking glass - A new door into the pathophysiology of pulmory hypertension2004
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PATHOLOGYS100A4/Mts1 produces murine pulmory2004
Other PublicationAm J PatholS100A4/Mts1 produces murine pulmory2004
Other PublicationCirc ResApolipoprotein D and PDGF-BB synergism mediates vascular smooth muscle cell migration.2004
Other PublicationARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGYApolipoprotein D inhibits platelet-derived growth factor2003
Other PublicationCirculationLow molecular weight heparin2003
Other PublicationCIRCULATIONTemporal response and localization of integrins beta 1 and beta 32003
Other PublicationAm J Physiol Heart Circ PhysiolElafin overexpressing mice have improved cardiac function after myocardial infarction.2003
Other PublicationArterioscler Thromb Vasc BiolApolipoprotein D inhibits PDGF induced v2003
Other PublicationJOURL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGYDexfenfluramine protects against pulmory hypertension in rats2002
Other PublicationCARDIOVASCULAR PATHOLOGYUnderstanding and treating vein graft atherosclerosis2002
Other PublicationCardiology clinicsPulmory arterial hypertension in congenital heart disease.2002
Other PublicationTURE MEDICINENovel notions on newborn lung disease2002
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONEnhanced ERK-1/2 activation in mice susceptible to coxsackievirus-induced myocarditis2002
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGYFetal pulmory artery diameters and their association with lung hypoplasia and posttal outcome2002
Other PublicationCIRCULATIONOverexpression of the serine elastase inhibitor elafin protects transgenic mice from hypoxic2002
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONLinking a serotonin transporter polymorphism to vascular smooth muscle proliferation2001
Other PublicationCLINICS IN CHEST MEDICINEPathobiology of pulmory hypertension - Extracellular matrix2001
Other PublicationARTERIOSCLEROSIS THROMBOSIS AND VASCULAR BIOLOGYArterial elastase activity after balloon angioplasty and effects of elafin, an elastase inhibitor2001
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHTumor necrosis factor2001
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMConditiol and targeted overexpression of vascular chymase causes hypertension in transgenic mice2001
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONA novel vascular smooth muscle chymase is upregulated in hypertensive rats2001
Other PublicationO'Blenes, S. B., Fischer, S., McIntyre, B., Keshavjee, S., RABINOVITCHHemodymic unloading leads to regression of pulmory vascular disease in rats2001
Other PublicationCirculationGene transfer of the serine elastase inhibitor elafin protects against vein graft degeneration.2000
Other PublicationJOURL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF CARDIOLOGYIsolated ductus arteriosus aneurysm in the fetus and infant: A multi-institutiol experience2000
Other PublicationTURE MEDICINEComplete reversal of fatal pulmory hypertension in rats by a serine elastase inhibitor2000
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONSuppressed smooth muscle proliferation2000
Other PublicationFASEB JOURLNitric oxide reduces vascular smooth muscle cell elastase activity through cGMP2000
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHUnder new magement - A six-month progress report on Circulation Research2000
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONElastase and matrix metalloproteise inhibitors induce regression2000
Other PublicationSemirs in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Pediatric cardiac surgePathobiology of pulmory hypertension: Impact on clinical magement.2000
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF RESPIRATORY CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGYAdventitial fibroblasts - Defining a role in vessel wall remodeling2000
Other PublicationCirculation researchCirculation research Editors' yearly report: 1999-20002000
Other PublicationJOURL OF HEART AND LUNG TRANSPLANTATIONPulmory hypertension: Pathophysiology as a basis for clinical decision making1999
Other PublicationStiskal, J. A., Ito, S., Cox, D. W., Shenn, A. T., O'Brien, K. K., KelFunctiol and antigenic concentrations of alpha-11999
Other PublicationFASEB JOURLNitric oxide mediates LC-31999
Other PublicationRabinovitch, M.EVE and beyond, retro and prospective insights1999
Other PublicationINFECTION AND IMMUNITYSurvival of Mycobacterium avium1999
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHRegression of hypertrophied rat pulmory arteries1999
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONTargeted overexpression of elafin protects mice against cardiac dysfunction1999
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELL SCIENCEInduction of vascular smooth muscle cell tescin1999
Other PublicationTURE MEDICINEGene transfer in utero biologically engineers a patent ductus arteriosus in lambs by arresting1999
Other PublicationTURE MEDICINEA serine elastase inhibitor reduces inflammation and fibrosis and preserves cardiac function1998
Other PublicationPEDIATRIC RESEARCHTissue-specific and developmental regulation of transforming growth factor-beta1998
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHMicrotubule involvement in translatiol regulation of fibronectin expression by light chain 3 of1998
Other PublicationCHESTElastase and the pathobiology of unexplained pulmory hypertension1998
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHAML1-like transcription factor induces serine elastase activity in ovine pulmory artery smooth1998
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINEMechanisms of proliferative and obliterative vascular diseases1998
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGYEndothelial and serum factors which include apolipoprotein A1 tether elastin to smooth muscle cells1998
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONMicrotubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 is a fibronectin mR1997
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELL BIOLOGYRegulation of tescin-C1997
Other PublicationRABINOVITCH, M.New insights and therapeutic strategies for postcardiac transplantation corory artery disease1997
Other PublicationCARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCHPulmory hypertension: Updating a mysterious disease1997
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PATHOLOGYTescin-C, proliferation and subendothelial fibronectin in progressive pulmory vascular disease1997
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF RESPIRATORY CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGYThe committed vascular smooth muscle cell: A question of 'timing' or 'response to pressure' or both1997
Other PublicationBRITISH JOURL OF PHARMACOLOGYCarbon monoxide formation in the ductus arteriosus in the lamb1997
Other PublicationSEMIRS IN PERITOLOGYCell-extracellular matrix interactions in the ductus arteriosus and perital pulmory circulation1996
Other PublicationCIRCULATION RESEARCHTescin-C is induced with progressive pulmory vascular disease in rats1996
Other PublicationHEARTGerbode's defect associated with acute sinus node dysfunction as a complication of infective1996
Other PublicationRABINOVITCH, M.It all begins with eve (endogenous vascular elastase)1996
Other PublicationBRAZILIAN JOURL OF MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL RESEARCHFusion of Leishmania amazonensis par1996
Other PublicationJOURL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATIONElafin, a serine elastase inhibitor1996
Other PublicationEXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCHFunctiol interplay between interleukin-1 receptor1996
Other PublicationTRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGYCohabitation of Leishmania amazonensis and Coxiella burnetii1996
Other PublicationJOURL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGYExogenous leukocyte1996
Other PublicationActa paediatrica Japonica; Overseas editionElastase and cell matrix interactions in the pathobiology of vascular disease.1995
Other PublicationRABINOVITCH, M., Molossi, S., Clausell, N.Cytokine-mediated fibronectin production1995

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Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch, MD has not yet indicated the hospitals that she is affiliated with.


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Medical Specialties
  • Pediatrician (Kids / Children Specialist) - Sub-Specialty: Pediatric Cardiology

Years In Practice: 46 (started in 1974)

Accepts New Patients: Yes

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