Dentrix Instructions

How to Export Email Addresses from Common EHR/EMR

A list of all patients in the practice with email addresses can be run using the Letter Merge feature in DENTRIX. This list can then be put into Excel and sorted by email address.

To generate this list:

Step 1

Open Office Manager. Click LettersMiscNew.

Step 2

Under the Letter Name, enter Patient E-mail Addresses.

Step 3

Under Merge Data File Name, enter email.out.

Step 4

Under Merge Letter Template, enter email.doc.

Step 5

Under the Patient Filters tab, set the report parameters/filters as:

  • Patient Name: From All to All
  • Status, Gender, Position, Balance Aging: Nothing checked
  • Use Privacy Request...
    If in the patient's Family File you have selected 'No Correspondence', and you want to exclude those patients from this email list you are generating today, select Applies for Patients and Guarantors.
    On the other hand, if you want to include all patients with email addresses, regardless of their preference for 'No Correspondence', select Does not apply for this letter to include all patients.
  • Prov1/Prov2: ALL
  • Billing Types: ALL (unless desired to exclude some Billing Types.)
  • Make sure all other filters in the two main columns are blank and nothing is entered in them.
Step 6

Under the Data Fields tab (top left):

  • Check fields desired to include in report.
  • Email address field must be included as well as Patient First Name, and Patient Last Name.
  • Other fields may be included as desired.
Step 7

Click OK to close the Patient Report View.

Step 8

Back on the Letters window, verify the correct letter is highlighted and click Create/Merge. Click Create Data File Only and OK.

Step 9

When the list count is finished, click View List to open the list in Notepad.

Step 10

To make this list easier to read and sort able by email address, copy this list and paste it into a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.

In Notepad, click EditSelect All and then EditCopy.
Open MS Excel and click EditPaste.
Step 11

Using Excel, sort the list by the email column, and those patients without an email will sort to the bottom of the list. Click the Sort Ascending button and choose the option Expand the Selection.

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