Review Guidelines

Be Fair and Accurate

Whether your experience with this provider was positive or negative, it's important to be accurate and fair. It's fine to be vocal in your enthusiasm (or frustration) but please avoid making broad statements or generalizations that go beyond your experiences. This will not only help other users, but also ensure that the provider you're reviewing takes your comments seriously.

Avoid Accusations, Insults and Abusive Language

Avoid abusive language, personal attacks, and prejudicial attacks. Not only are such reviews inappropriate and a violation of the Terms of Service, they are also not helpful to other users. If you include any opinions in your review, you should ensure that they are clearly identified as opinions and not presented as facts.

Do Not Share Any Personally Identifiable Information

For your own safety and privacy do not include any personally identifiable information in your comments. Including details like phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, social security numbers is prohibited. Reviews are displayed publicly so be aware that if you chose to share health information about yourself it will be published to a public forum. Please note that you are prohibited from sharing any information on other patients or individuals. Reviews written on behalf of another patient are also prohibited, unless you are the legal guardian of such patient.

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