Outstanding Items

Below you will find additional instructions for completing your outstanding items.

If you have additional questions, please call us (888) 555-5555 or email [email protected].

FaxForm Verification

Attn: Healthgrades Fax Form
Fax: 1 (855) 333-9618

Please contact your Account Representative by phone or email and they will provide you with the correct form direct from Healthgrades. Once you have completed the form please fax to:

NPPES Paperwork

Step 1

Please follow the link below and fill out the form in it's entirety if (1) or more of the (3) conditions are true:

NPPES Document Link

NPI Enumerator
PO 6059
Fargo, ND 58108-6059
Step 2

You must sign the document in ink and physically mail it to:

Here are some tips from NPPES for completion of this process.

None of the above
Attn: Doctor.com NPPES Agreement
Fax: (212) 203-6583

If the above (3) conditions are untrue and you wish to give consent to Doctor.com to take care of the NPPES update on your behalf; simply follow the link below and fill out the form in its entirety to verify that Doctor.com has the correct information.

NPPES Document Link

Profile Headshot

Why do we ask for this?

Having a headshot on your various profiles online is very important for your web presence. It will enhance the completeness and optimization of your online presence and could increase your click-through rates by over 200%. We still require a photograph of you, please email us a photo at your earliest convenience.

FYI: If you do not have a professional headshot handy that is okay, a smartphone photo against a light background will work perfectly.

ReviewHub Orientation

Schedule at www.doctor.com/training

Personal Verification

Why do we ask for this?

For your protection, many sites require verification of your identity to ensure that no unauthorized parties are able to access your profile. To prove that we are working on your behalf, we need to provide this information for verification purposes. Without it, we may not be able to complete certain aspects of your program.

Please send the information over at your earliest convenience.

Verify Office Hours

Verify Insurance List

Install SiteEnhance Review Widget

We recommend that you place it somewhere with high visibility so your reviews are prominent! Note that only reviews 4 and 5 star reviews will stream to your website, and all reviews will be approved by our moderation team to ensure the patient-generated content complies with Doctor.com Terms of Service.

If you have any questions about this feature, please let us know.

Install Mobile SiteEnhance

Why do we ask for this?

Your website is not mobile optimized: it was not built with the capacity to adjust to smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets. This is very important to fix because Google penalizes sites like yours in search rankings and gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. Since the majority of people access the web via mobile device, it is more important than ever before to make your website compliant with Google’s criteria.

For this reason, we highly recommend you install Doctor.com Mobile SiteEnhance™, an easy-to-install code that will keep you compliant with Google's criteria for mobile-friendliness. This feature will enable your website to recognize if a user is using a mobile device, and if so, it will flip your website to a mobile-friendly version. This important feature is included in your program with Doctor.com. To avoid damaged search rankings, you are encouraged to install MobileEnhance.

If you are interested in installing this feature please let your Account Manager know, and we will push forward with next steps.

Collect Reviews

Starbucks e-Gift card

Collect your first 3 reviews on the Doctor.com ReviewHub, and we will email you a Starbucks e-Gift card as a reward to you and your team!

Google Manager Access

As managers, we will optimize your profile utilizing the verified information gathered on your onboard call. This way, patients will be presented with consistent and optimized profiles in the most visible areas.

Step 1

Sign into Google My Business

Step 2

Make sure you're using card view. If you're viewing your locations as a list instead of cards, switch to card view by clicking the cards icon on the right side above your locations.

Step 3

Choose the listing you'd like to manage and click Manage location.

Step 4

Click the three dash menu icon in the upper left-hand side of your screen, then click Manage users.

Step 5

In the top right corner of the "Managers of [your business]" box that appears, click the "Invite new managers" icon.

Step 6

Select the user's role by clicking Owner, Manager, or Communications manager below their name.

Step 7

Click Invite. Invitees will have the option to accept the invitation and immediately become listing owners or managers.


This window displays all active owners and managers, as well as people who have been invited to become owners or managers. You can cancel pending invitations by clicking the X in the row with the invitation you want to remove.

A full guide is available here: Google Support

Yelp! Appointment Request

Automatic ReviewRequest

This feature was created specifically to boost your reviews in two important areas: Yelp and Google. This is separate from the ReviewHub, it is an additional tool to build your online reputation in these highly visible areas online.

How it works

We will run an automated email campaign which will be totally hands off from your side. We will prompt patients via email to write you a review on either Yelp or Google, and the body of the email will contain a smart-link for easy access to the profile's Write a Review section.

To get started, I simply need you to send me a spreadsheet of patient email addresses. Please send it in CSV or XLS format, it should contain patient email addresses only. Once your campaign is live, we will email five (5) patients daily to prompt a review on Yelp or Google until the entire list has been contacted. Each patient will be contacted only once.

Please let us know of any questions!

Doctor.com SocialEnhance

Step 1

To install SocialEnhance, please log into your Doctor.com Dashboard.

Step 2

Click on the Products & Services tab. From the sidebar menu on the left, click Auto Publish to Facebook in the SocialEnhance section.

Step 3

Please follow prompts to manage review sharing on Facebook automatically, making sure to connect your BUSINESS page and not your personal page for review sharing.

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