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Dr. Karl K Deisseroth, MD

Psychiatrist - General


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Dr. Karl K Deisseroth, MD is a Psychiatrist - General practicing in Stanford, CA

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Provider Training

Stanford University School of Medicine- Stanford Ca Other Degree2000

Residency - Stanford University Hospital, PsychiatryNot Specified
Residency - Stanford University HospitalNot Specified

CertificationCert. BodyYear
PsychiatryPsychiatry and NeurologyNot Specified

Experience & Accolades

Publication Publisher Title Published
Other PublicationtureStructural and molecular interrogation of intact biological systems.2013
Other PublicationTUREDiverging neural pathways assemble a behavioural state from separable features in anxiety2013
Other PublicationTUREDopamine neurons modulate neural encoding and expression of depression-related behaviour2013
Other PublicationTUREA prefrontal cortex-brainstem neurol projection that controls response to behavioural challenge2012
Other PublicationTURECrystal structure of the channelrhodopsin light-gated cation channel2012
Other PublicationCELLThe Microbial Opsin Family of Optogenetic Tools2011
Other PublicationTURENeocortical excitation/inhibition balance in information processing and social dysfunction2011
Other PublicationNEURONOptogenetics in Neural Systems2011
Other PublicationTUREAmygdala circuitry mediating reversible and bidirectiol control of anxiety2011
Other PublicationTURE METHODSOptogenetics2011
Other PublicationANNUAL REVIEW OF NEUROSCIENCE, VOL 34The Development and Application of Optogenetics2011
Other PublicationSCIENCECholinergic Interneurons Control Local Circuit Activity and Cocaine Conditioning2010
Other PublicationTUREParvalbumin neurons and gamma rhythms enhance cortical circuit performance2009
Other PublicationTUREDriving fast-spiking cells induces gamma rhythm and controls sensory responses2009
Other PublicationSCIENCEPhasic Firing in Dopaminergic Neurons Is Sufficient for Behavioral Conditioning2009
Other PublicationTURETemporally precise in vivo control of intracellular siglling2009
Other PublicationSCIENCEOptical Deconstruction of Parkinsonian Neural Circuitry2009
Other Publicationture methodsCLARITY for mapping the nervous system.2013
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEHypothalamic Neurotensin Projections Promote Reward by Enhancing Glutamate Transmission in the VTA2013
Other Publicationjourl of neuroscienceMultiple Sources of Striatal Inhibition Are Differentially Affected2013
Other PublicationPLOS ONEOptogenetic Delay of Status Epilepticus Onset in an In Vivo Rodent Epilepsy Model2013
Other PublicationNEURONMaking Waves: Initiation and Propagation of Corticothalamic Ca2+ Waves In Vivo2013
Other PublicationNeuronMaking waves: initiation and propagation of corticothalamic Ca2+ waves in vivo.2013
Other PublicationSCIENCEThe Brain Activity Map2013
Other PublicationScienceNeuroscience. The brain activity map.2013
Other PublicationACS NOnotools for Neuroscience and Brain Activity Mapping2013
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMPosttraining optogenetic manipulations of b2013
Other PublicationTURERapid regulation of depression-related behaviours by control of midbrain dopamine neurons2013
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEGlutamatergic Neurotransmission between the C1 Neurons2013
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEOptogenetic Inhibition of Dorsal Medial Prefrontal Cortex Attenuates Stress2013
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEClosed-loop optogenetic control of thalamus as a tool for interrupting seizures after cortical2013
Other PublicationScience.Cortico-Striatal Stimulation Generates Persistent OCD-Like Behavior.2013
Other PublicationNeuron.A unique population of ventral tegmental area neurons inhibits the lateral habenula to promote
Other Publicationture Neuroscience. Advance Online PulbicationA causal link between prediction errors, dopamine neurons and learning
Other PublicationNeuron.Engineering approaches to illumiting brain structure and dymics.
Other PublicationPS.Causal interactions between fronto-parietal central executive and default-mode networks in humans.
Other PublicationPS.Optogenetics.
Other PublicationTrends in Cognitive Sciences.Light microscopy mapping of connections in the intact brain.
Other PublicationOptogenetics.Optogenetics in the behaving rat: integration of diverse new technologies in a vital animal model.
Other PublicationNeuron.Optogenetic activation of an inhibitory network enhances feedforward functiol connectivity
Other PublicationADDICTION BIOLOGYOptogenetic inhibition of cocaine seeking in rats2013
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMPrefrontal D1 dopamine sigling is required for temporal control2012
Other PublicationTURE METHODSTwo-photon optogenetic toolbox for fast inhibition, excitation and bistable modulation2012
Other PublicationTURE METHODSTwo-photon optogenetics of dendritic spines and neural circuits2012
Other PublicationSCIENCE TRANSLATIOL MEDICINEOptogenetic and Potassium Channel Gene Therapy in a Rodent Model of Focal Neocortical Epilepsy2012
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMReversible online control of habitual behavior by optogenetic perturbation of medial prefrontal2012
Other PublicationTUREInput-specific control of reward and aversion in the ventral tegmental area2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEHigh-Frequency Hippocampal Oscillations Activated by Optogenetic Stimulation of Transplanted Human2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRYColor-tuned Channelrhodopsins for Multiwavelength Optogenetics2012
Other PublicationTURENeurol circuitry mechanism regulating adult quiescent neural stem-cell fate decision2012
Other PublicationACS NOPhotothermal Genetic Engineering2012
Other PublicationTUREActivation of specific interneurons improves V1 feature selectivity and visual perception2012
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEWhen the electricity (and the lights) go out: transient changes in excitability2012
Other PublicationCELL REPORTSExpanding the Repertoire of Optogenetically Targeted Cells with an Enhanced Gene Expression System2012
Other PublicationNEURONStriatal Dopamine Release Is Triggered by Synchronized Activity in Cholinergic Interneurons2012
Other PublicationEUROPEAN JOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEAltered profile of basket cell afferent sypses in hyper2012
Other PublicationBIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRYOptogenetics and Psychiatry: Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities2012
Other PublicationMOLECULAR PSYCHIATRYA critical role for NMDA receptors in parvalbumin interneurons for gamma rhythm induction2012
Other PublicationTUREOptogenetic stimulation of a hippocampal engram activates fear memory recall2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCESyptic Activity Unmasks Dopamine D2 Receptor Modulation of a Specific Class of Layer V Pyramidal2012
Other PublicationTURE REVIEWS NEUROSCIENCEOptogenetic investigation of neural circuits underlying brain disease in animal models2012
Other PublicationNEURONGABA Neurons of the VTA Drive Conditioned Place Aversion2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRYStructural Model of Channelrhodopsin2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEURAL ENGINEERINGIntegrated device for combined optical neuromodulation2012
Other Publicationture methodsPrinciples for applying optogenetic tools derived from direct comparative alysis of microbial2012
Other Publicationture neuroscienceOptetrode: a multichannel readout for optogenetic control in freely moving mice.2012
Other Publicationture neuroscienceGABAergic circuits mediate the reinforcement-related sigls of striatal cholinergic interneurons.2012
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEGABAergic circuits mediate the reinforcement-related sigls of striatal cholinergic interneurons2012
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEOptetrode: a multichannel readout for optogenetic control in freely moving mice2012
Other PublicationMol Psychiatry.A critical role for NMDA receptors in parvalbumin interneurons for gamma rhythm induction2012
Other PublicationNEURONRecombise-Driver Rat Lines: Tools, Techniques2011
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCELeptin regulates the reward value of nutrient2011
Other PublicationTURENeurol filtering of multiplexed odour representations2011
Other PublicationPLOS ONESNCA Triplication Parkinson's Patient's iPSC-derived DA Neurons Accumulate alpha-Synuclein2011
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEHemisphere-specific optogenetic stimulation reveals left-right asymmetry of hippocampal plasticity2011
Other PublicationCELLDymics of Retrieval Strategies for Remote Memories2011
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEDifferential Modulation of Excitatory and Inhibitory Striatal Syptic Transmission by Histamine2011
Other PublicationCURRENT BIOLOGYIn Vivo Optogenetic Stimulation of Neocortical Excitatory Neurons Drives Brain-State2011
Other PublicationBIOPHYSICAL JOURLMultiscale Computatiol Models for Optogenetic Control of Cardiac Function2011
Other PublicationTURE METHODSCell type-specific channelrhodopsin2011
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEA new mode of corticothalamic transmission revealed in the Gria4(-/-) model of absence epilepsy2011
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEOptogenetic Interrogation of Dopaminergic Modulation of the Multiple Phases of Reward2011
Other PublicationTUREExcitatory transmission from the amygdala to nucleus accumbens facilitates reward seeking2011
Other PublicationIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERINGChallenges and Opportunities for Next-Generation Intracortically Based Neural Prostheses2011
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMHigh-efficiency channelrhodopsins for fast neurol stimulation at low light levels2011
Other PublicationPLOS ONEFunctiol Integration of Grafted Neural Stem Cell2011
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEAn optogenetic toolbox designed for primates2011
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEActive Expiration Induced by Excitation of Ventral Medulla in Adult Anesthetized Rats2011
Other PublicationIEEE JOURL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITSAn Implantable Optical Stimulation Delivery System for Actuating an Excitable Biosubstrate2011
Other PublicationSTEM CELLSTracking Stem Cell Differentiation in the Setting of Automated Optogenetic Stimulation2011
Other Publicationt Methods.Optogenetics.2011
Other Publicationture.Amygdala circuitry mediating reversible and bidirectiol control of anxiety.2011
Other PublicationA, B., P, S., J, M., KM, T., K, D., P, H.High-efficiency channelrhodopsins for fast neurol stimulation at low light levels.
Other PublicationPLOS ONEDrug-Driven AMPA Receptor Redistribution Mimicked by Selective Dopamine Neuron Stimulation2010
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCETuning arousal with optogenetic modulation of locus coeruleus neurons2010
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEAntidepressant Effect of Optogenetic Stimulation of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex2010
Other PublicationTUREEncoding of conditioned fear in central amygdala inhibitory circuits2010
Other PublicationTUREGenetic dissection of an amygdala microcircuit that gates conditioned fear2010
Other PublicationSTEM CELLSFunctiol Control of Transplantable Human ESC-Derived Neurons via Optogenetic Targeting2010
Other PublicationSCIENCECell Type-Specific Loss of BDNF Sigling Mimics Optogenetic Control of Cocaine Reward2010
Other PublicationTURE MEDICINEOrderly recruitment of motor units under optical control in vivo2010
Other PublicationSCIENCEAstrocytes Control Breathing Through pH-Dependent Release of ATP2010
Other PublicationTURERegulation of parkinsonian motor behaviours by optogenetic control of basal ganglia circuitry2010
Other PublicationSCIENCEGenetic Reactivation of Cone Photoreceptors Restores Visual Responses in Retinitis Pigmentosa2010
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMOptical activation of lateral amygdala pyramidal cells instructs associative fear learning2010
Other PublicationTUREGlobal and local fMRI sigls driven by neurons defined optogenetically by type and wiring2010
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEGlutamatergic Sigling by Mesolimbic Dopamine Neurons in the Nucleus Accumbens2010
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCEDlx5 and Dlx6 Regulate the Development of Parvalbumin-Expressing Cortical Interneurons2010
Other PublicationCELLMolecular and Cellular Approaches for Diversifying and Extending Optogenetics2010
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEUltrafast optogenetic control2010
Other Publicationt Med.Orderly recruitment of motor units under optical control in vivo.2010
Other PublicationTURE PROTOCOLSTargeted optogenetic stimulation2010
Other PublicationTURE PROTOCOLSOptogenetic interrogation of neural circuits: technology for probing mammalian brain structures2010
Other PublicationSci Am.Controlling the brain with light2010
Other PublicationJP, J., H, H., MH, M., R, B., K, D., HT, B.Optical activation of lateral amygdala pyramidal cells instructs associative fear leaJohansen JP
Other PublicationJ Neural Eng.Special issue on optical neural engineering: advances in optical stimulation technology.2010
Other PublicationFRONTIERS IN NEURAL CIRCUITSOptogenetic dissection of neurol circuits in zebrafish using viral gene transfer and the Tet system2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEURAL ENGINEERINGIntegrated device for optical stimulation2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCESleep Homeostasis Modulates Hypocretin-Mediated Sleep-to-Wake Transitions2009
Other PublicationPROCEEDINGS OF THE TIOL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMOptogenetic control of epileptiform activity2009
Other PublicationEMBO MOLECULAR MEDICINEInduced chromosome deletions cause hypersociability2009
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCEBi-stable neural state switches2009
Other PublicationCURRENT BIOLOGYEscape behavior elicited by single2008
Other PublicationBRAIN CELL BIOLOGYeNpHR: a tronomos halorhodopsin enhanced for optogenetic applications2008
Other PublicationBRAIN CELL BIOLOGYImproved expression of halorhodopsin for light-induced silencing of neurol activity2008
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PSYCHIATRYBrain circuit dymics2008
Other PublicationTURE NEUROSCIENCERed-shifted optogenetic excitation: a tool for fast neural control derived from Volvox carteri2008
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF PSYCHIATRYControlling neurol activity2008
Other Publicationt Neurosci.Red-shifted optogenetic excitation: a tool for fast neural control derived from Volvox carteri.2008
Other PublicationAm J Psychiatry.Brain circuit dymics2008
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSCIENCETargeting and readout strategies for fast optical neural control in vitro and in vivo2007
Other PublicationCURRENT BIOLOGYNociceptive neurons protect Drosophila larvae from parasitoid wasps2007
Other PublicationTURENeural substrates of awakening probed with optogenetic control of hypocretin neurons2007
Other PublicationIntegratio

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Years In Practice: 13 (started in 2007)

Accepts New Patients: Yes

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