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Diagnoses, treats, and cares for patients, using system of practice that bases treatment of physiological functions and abnormal conditions on natural laws governing human body: Utilizes physiological, psychological, and mechanical methods, such as air, water, light, heat, earth, phototherapy, food and herb therapy, psychotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, minor and orificial surgery, mechanotherapy, naturopathic corrections and manipulation, and natural methods or modalities, together with natural medicines, natural processed foods, and herbs and nature's remedies. Excludes major surgery, therapeutic use of x ray and radium, and use of drugs, except those assimilable substances containing elements or compounds which are components of body tissues and are physiologically compatible to body processes for maintenance of life.

Statistics for Naturopaths in California on

Total number of Naturopaths in California on
Cities with the most Naturopaths
  1. Portland, OR
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Tempe, AZ
  4. Scottsdale, AZ
  5. Phoenix, AZ
Naturopaths in California who are confirmed as being board certified:100%
Naturopaths in California listed on have been practicing for an average of:15.3 year(s)
Average ProfilePoints™ score for Naturopaths in California:21/80
Average Overall User Rating for Naturopaths in California:5 (out of 5)

California Naturopaths by City

Listed in order of popularity:
  1. San Diego, CA
  2. Encinitas, CA
  3. Los Angeles, CA
  4. Costa Mesa, CA
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Santa Rosa, CA
  7. La Jolla, CA
  8. Santa Barbara, CA
  9. Carlsbad, CA
  10. Oakland, CA
  11. Sacramento, CA
  12. Santa Monica, CA
  13. Solana Beach, CA
  14. San Jose, CA
  15. El Cajon, CA
  16. Mill Valley, CA
  17. Folsom, CA
  18. Santa Cruz, CA
  19. Oceanside, CA
  20. Long Beach, CA
  21. Glendale, CA
  22. Bakersfield, CA
  23. Burbank, CA
  24. Irvine, CA
  25. Del Mar, CA
  26. Berkeley, CA
  27. Torrance, CA
  28. San Luis Obispo, CA
  29. La Mesa, CA
  30. Modesto, CA
  31. Huntington Beach, CA
  32. Paso Robles, CA
  33. Laguna Hills, CA
  34. Arcadia, CA
  35. Pasadena, CA
  36. Pacifica, CA
  37. Palo Alto, CA
  38. Newport Beach, CA
  39. Beverly Hills, CA
  40. El Segundo, CA
  41. Eureka, CA
  42. Campbell, CA
  43. La Quinta, CA
  44. Inglewood, CA
  45. Soquel, CA
  46. Lake Forest, CA
  47. Monrovia, CA
  48. Sebastopol, CA
  49. Palm Springs, CA
  50. Petaluma, CA
  51. Anaheim, CA
  52. Fresno, CA
  53. Vista, CA
  54. Upland, CA
  55. Walnut Creek, CA
  56. Rancho Mirage, CA
  57. Napa, CA
  58. Sunnyvale, CA
  59. San Mateo, CA
  60. Richmond, CA
  61. Murrieta, CA
  62. Chico, CA
  63. Hayward, CA
  64. San Marcos, CA
  65. Temecula, CA
  66. Redding, CA
  67. Riverside, CA
  68. Auburn, CA
  69. Escondido, CA
  70. Valencia, CA
  71. San Ramon, CA
  72. Merced, CA
  73. Lafayette, CA
  74. Alameda, CA
  75. Downey, CA
  76. Roseville, CA
  77. Monterey, CA
  78. Van Nuys, CA
  79. Granada Hills, CA
  80. Clovis, CA
  81. West Hollywood, CA
  82. Sherman Oaks, CA
  83. Palm Desert, CA
  84. Moreno Valley, CA
  85. Davis, CA
  86. Tahoe City, CA
  87. San Rafael, CA
  88. Fallbrook, CA
  89. Citrus Heights, CA
  90. San Juan Capistrano, CA
  91. Martinez, CA
  92. Laguna Beach, CA
  93. San Carlos, CA
  94. Grass Valley, CA
  95. Fair Oaks, CA
  96. Placerville, CA
  97. Fort Bragg, CA
  98. Coronado, CA
  99. Larkspur, CA
  100. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  101. Harbor City, CA
  102. Mendocino, CA
  103. Calistoga, CA
  104. Menifee, CA
  105. Tehachapi, CA
  106. Santa Clarita, CA
  107. Garberville, CA
  108. Etna, CA
  109. Rescue, CA
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