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Planting the seeds of patient acquisition along the path to treatment

The digital era has increased the pharmaceutical industry’s access to patients, but brands still struggle to realize the full ROI of their marketing efforts. Competitors are quick to scoop up their hard-earned leads once a consumer leaves a brand’s domain to find a doctor. But there’s good news: By setting up a “walled garden” on their sites, pharma companies can nurture patients at every step along their path to treatment. In this ebook, we explore the “walled garden” concept in detail through a lens of consumer research and industry best practices.

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Pharma Walled Garden - Waiting Room

By bridging the critical last mile to finding care, brands have an incredible opportunity to transform the patient journey, win consumer loyalty, and make a major impact on visitation and adherence metrics.

Andrei Zimiles, SVP, Consumerism & Marketing Solutions, Press Ganey

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