Customer experience trends in healthcare 2020 |

Customer experience trends in healthcare 2020

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The use of referrals to find a doctor has declined by 44% since 2018, while digital resources have replaced traditional channels throughout the patient’s journey to care. surveyed 1,600 patients to learn how they search for and choose their doctors. Download the full report to discover the new trends that have emerged as well as strategies to implement at your practice to reap the benefits.

Some things we learned:

  • Patients use the web 2x as much as referrals to find a doctor.
  • 88% of patients will even read online reviews about a referred provider.
  • Half of all patients will decide not to see a provider if they have inaccurate or incomplete listings online.
  • The preference mobile search has increased by 50% while voice search is still lagging behind.
  • 60% of patients prefer digital scheduling over a phone call (up 36% from 2018).

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