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Welcome to your new virtual practice

Meet the rising patient demand for telemedicine and build a virtual presence for your practice today.

Telemedicine: The next frontier

75% of doctors’ appointments could be handled virtually. And every day, thousands of physicians are starting to practice through telemedicine. Don’t get left behind. Start delivering virtual care in 5 minutes (or less) with’s free, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform, VirtualVisit.

Broadcast telemedicine services via web-wide listings

Implementing a telemedicine solution isn’t enough. Publicize your new telemedicine services on the most prominent healthcare sites so millions of patients actively searching for virtual care can find your listing and book an appointment today.


Attract new patients through 5-star telemedicine reviews

Differentiate your practice and gain patient buy-in through online reviews. Prompt patients to leave a review immediately after a telemedicine appointment and automatically post to’s healthcare network. These help your virtual practice grow a stellar reputation and win the trust of more new patients.

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To learn how to transform your practice to meet today’s virtual needs, schedule a 20-minute call with a consultant.

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Complete the form to learn how to build your virtual practice: