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Listings Management – V2

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Optimize your web presence during COVID-19

Make sure millions of patients actively searching for virtual care can find your listings and book their next appointment today.

Update once, update everywhere’s listings management platform updates NPPES — the source of truth for physician data online. Sync your master profile to every website and search engine patients use to find healthcare, including Google, WebMD, Healthgrades, Vitals, and more.

Publicize your telemedicine services on top patient sites

Give patients easy access to the most accurate information about your practice. Update changes to your schedule or policies, and broadcast telemedicine services through your listings on the most highly trafficked patient destinations.

"After quickly launching my telemedicine practice, I wasn’t sure how to let patients know. saved me a lot of time and headache by automatically updating my listings with this new information on all the sites I have profiles on."
Pain Management Specialist
Chicago, IL

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