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Doctor.Companion FAQs

How long does it take to install?

Someone from the team can walk you through the installment and the integration will be live in just a few minutes (15 minutes total).

How does the integration work?

It depends on which EHR you are using at your practice. For Nextech clients, the integration is able to read available appointment times in your EHR and can write new appointments (patient name, appointment time, visit reason) into the EHR only after someone in the office has manually approved the appointment request. Nothing will be automatically written into your system. The system also has the ability to do patient matching so that you can identify if this is a new or existing patient. If it is an existing patient who is requesting an appointment, data for the appointment request will be linked to their existing records. Dentrix integrations are read-only, meaning the integration is only able to read available appointment times in the EHR. Nothing is pushed into the system..

Is the integration supported by my EHR? Does the vendor need to turn on the integration? Do I need to notify them?

The integration is supported by your EHR. We have built our integrations by leveraging strategic partnerships with your vendor. The vendor does not need to turn on the integration, and you don’t need to notify them.

I’m afraid of getting so many notifications. What will I be notified about?

New appointment requests, new reviews, and if you have our Premium service, incoming calls. There is always the option to snooze notifications so they won’t interfere during busy times. There is also the option to customize which notifications you receive, for example, you can choose to get appointment notifications, but not review notifications.

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