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Customer Experience Trends in Healthcare

The use of referrals has declined by 44% since 2018, while digital resources have replaced traditional channels throughout the patient’s journey to find a provider. Here’s what that means for the healthcare industry.

The patient journey happens online

The internet remains a primary resource for patients searching for healthcare providers. But more than half still have a hard time choosing a new doctor. Why? There’s not enough information about them online. To break through the noise, doctors must differentiate themselves with a compelling online presence and a reputation that resonates with prospective patients.


Patients rely on online resources 1.7x more than word of mouth.


88% will read reviews of a referred provider. 


Over ½ of patients consult multiple sites before choosing a doctor.


Customer service is the #1 factor driving patient loyalty.*

* Assuming quality care.


60% factor the ease of appointment booking into a 5-star review.


In 2020, successful healthcare professionals will stop playing catch-up. It’s time to embrace the digital channels that directly impact patients’ decisions and provide a better customer experience at every step of that journey.

Read the report (it’s free!)’s 2020 patient survey reveals how modern-day patients make decisions about healthcare providers, what influences their perceptions and loyalty, and how to better engage them along this important journey.

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  • Tips to improve patient satisfaction and develop lifelong loyalty
  • Why a customer experience mindset is critical to practice success

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