3 Quotes From Stranger Things That Also Apply to Your Hospital's Digital Strategy
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3 quotes from “Stranger Things” that also apply to your hospital’s digital strategy

In honor of Halloween and the recently released second season of Stranger Things, we decided to do a crossover post combining a few of our favorite quotes from the ’80s throwback Netflix series and apply them to the world of healthcare marketing and patient experience. Strangely, they sync up!

“Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?”

Imagine the most bare-bones directory tool you can. No photos. Non-responsive. No common sense navigation or UX. Even less or potentially out-of-date information. Consumers want to know about your organization — and the more they learn, the more they can start trusting you. Your find-a-doc tool should be like an open book: easy to use and intuitive to navigate. After all, first impressions matter. With the right find-a-doc tool, you can drive consumers to your site and convert them into patients. We have the results to prove it, too.

“Mouth breather.”

Insults. Disappointments. Trolls. With the rise of consumerism in healthcare, more and more patients are taking to the internet to voice their experiences — good and bad — with healthcare providers, much in the same way they’d review a restaurant or a toaster bought on Amazon. But don’t let this scare you from going transparent or keep you from listening in and responding to third-party reviews. People tend to trust more readily when there are multiple reviews of a provider (or a toaster or Thai restaurant), and they can get skeptical if every single review is perfect.

“Sometimes people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment…it says more.”

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This leads us to the next natural step in dealing with patient reviews. Authentic, real reviews can truly reward your effort. Even if they’re negative, you can use this opportunity to learn and grow. The whole point of transparency efforts is not to just throw star ratings and reviews up on your site and call it a day; it’s to take that knowledge and and improve your organization for the better. For good reviews, the rewards can be even sweeter. Patients want to know the real you — what you’re really about and how you care for those that are ill. When perusing reviews, if they stumble across a truly awesome one — one that speaks to their heart — they’ll be more likely to press that appointment button.

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