How Dr. Woodbury doubled his online star rating in less than 4 months
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How Dr. Woodbury doubled his online star rating in less than 4 months

Dr. George Woodbury and his wife Dr. Cathy Chapman have run Rheumatology+Dermatology Associates in Cordova, Tennessee, for more than 25 years. Their success and longevity have largely been due to the marketing efforts put forth by Dr. Woodbury to reach new patients online. He blogs regularly, distributes an e-newsletter twice a month, and uses YouTube to get in front of a broader audience looking for information about skin conditions and skincare.

But things haven’t always been easy. A few years ago, Dr. Woodbury’s loyal fanbase pointed out that a couple of former patients were trying to hurt his reputation online. Dr. Woodbury felt like a small but vocal minority of unhappy patients were unfairly determining his reputation, and he knew he had to take action — fast.

Turning things around in a matter of months

Dr. Woodbury made a valiant attempt to overcome this roadblock on his own. But, between the medical and nonmedical demands of his practice, he is busier than ever, and trying to remedy his reputation issues quickly proved to be overly taxing.

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Dr. Woodbury learned about through his American Academy of Dermatology membership. In early 2019, he enlisted to help him and Dr. Chapman regain control of their online presence, improve their reputation, and fix their listings on the back end so all information about their practice would be consistent and accurate across the web.

In under four months, helped Dr. Woodbury double his star rating, collect more than 70 reviews, and clean up 99% of his listings data. Today, prospective patients find the right information as well as an exceptional reputation when they look him up online. “Essentially, liberates us by not allowing us to be held hostage by that little minority of patients who are trying to bully us,” says Dr. Woodbury of his success on the platform.

To learn more about Dr. Woodbury’s journey to a five-star reputation, download the case study here.

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