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Claim your profiles on review websites

SEO has evolved beyond your website. Go where your patients are going. 

For years your website was the “online front door” to your medical practice. But today, a website alone is as effective as a billboard in the middle of nowhere.

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Over the last decade, patients have become consumerized.

Patients will go where their online search takes them and read reviews before making a decision — just like they do before an Amazon purchase.

When a patient Googles your name, your website isn’t the only website showing up — review websites like Yelp and Healthgrades are also popping up, front and center, on the first page.

Here’s what  shows up when a patient Googles a doctors name:

The doctor’s website appears at the top, but a few important things to note here:

  • Review websites including Yelp and Healthgrades also appear at the top.
  • And if you look to the right hand side even Google has its own reviews section.

Naturally, patients’ eyes are drawn to stars, and they will likely click on these review websites over your personal website to learn more about you.

Simply put, your website alone will no longer persuade patients to visit your office.

This is why SEO has evolved beyond your website. Your brand exists in multiple places online, whether you like it or not!

Sorry for the bad news, but as your guru I’m here to help you promote yourself in the places patients are going — so read on.

If you’re spending hours trying to remove your Yelp and Healthgrades profiles, you’ll be disappointed to hear that profile removal is not possible. So, it’s important to look beyond your website and understand where patients are going — to the most trafficked healthcare review sites appearing in the top Google results.

That’s where you need to be present. A few of the most important healthcare review websites are:

By claiming your profiles on these websites you’ll have a better chance of getting found by patients.  

Remember: Patients can’t book appointments with you if they never find you.

To save you time, check out this easy guide with tips for all the important healthcare review websites to help you get started.

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