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Customer of the quarter winner! Dr. Athena Theodosatos

We are excited to announce a brand new awards program aimed at recognizing our outstanding customers – the Customer of the Quarter award. Congratulations to Dr. Athena Theodosatos, Theo Medical Dermatology (Apopka, Florida) on being our first client to receive this honor! She was ultimately selected based on:

  • Stellar review collection on the ReviewHub™ — 418 reviews to be exact!
  • 4.95 average star rating
  • Product super-user (SiteEnhance, Universal Scheduling, ReviewRequest)
  • Excellent scan score — 92%!

What attracted you to

I really liked the fact that patients are able to do reviews in the office, rather than just emailing them and hoping they leave a review elsewhere. I feel like it is the absolute best way to market my practice. The personal experiences that allows patients to write really sets them apart from the sites that just allow the patient to rate 5 stars. Additionally, the review goes to so many different sites.

What is your advice to the rest of the Community?

You have to provide good service to get good reviews. Make it a point to be personable with each patient and ask them to leave a review. I make a point to ask something personal or comment on something non-medical with each patient. That allows me to get to know a little about them and shows them that I care about them as a whole person not just a medical condition. I don’t zip in and zip out of the room, I make sure to end the visit, say thank you and personally walk the patient over the the review hub to write a review of their experience.

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Aside from the product, what else do you like about

I came to New York in fall of last year and visited I met with Tanja (my account manager) and other employees — I love that I have good communication with them. We keep in consistent contact. I also love watching grow, and it’s beneficial that it continues to develop more partnerships.

What else are you passionate about?

I like traveling and the outdoors. I love seeing breathtaking places such as the Grand Canyon, Parthenon, and the Alhambra. I enjoy running 5ks and have also run a few half marathons.

Anything else fun we should know?

I am a huge Wonder Woman fan and collector. I have hundreds of figures and memorabilia. I was even featured in a local newspaper. They titled me, “Dermatologist by Day, Wonder Woman by Night.”

If you are interested in learning more about how YOU can become Customer of the Quarter, contact Zoie at (646) 791-2759.

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