Dr. Maarten M Lansberg, MD

Neurologist - Vascular Neurology


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Dr. Maarten M Lansberg, MD is a Neurologist - Vascular Neurology practicing in Stanford, CA

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Provider Training

University of Utrecht Netherlands Medical DegreeNot Specified
University Sakartvelo Faculty of Medicine Medical Degree1997

Experience & Accolades

Publication Publisher Title Published
Other PublicationStroke; a jourl of cerebral circulationComparison of magnetic resonce imaging mismatch criteria to select patients for endov2014
Other PublicationStroke; a jourl of cerebral circulationEffect of collateral blood flow on patients undergoing endov2014
Other PublicationStroke; a jourl of cerebral circulationEarly diffusion-weighted imaging reversal after endovascular reperfusion is typically transient in2014
Other PublicationStroke; a jourl of cerebral circulationHypoperfusion Intensity Ratio Predicts Infarct Progression2014
Other PublicationINTERTIOL JOURL OF STROKEPatients with single distal MCA perfusion lesions have a high rate of good outcome2014
Other PublicationNeuroImageFerumoxytol enhanced resting state fMRI2013
Other PublicationSTROKEAcute Stroke Imaging Research Roadmap II2013
Other PublicationNeurologyComparison of the response to endovascular reperfusion in relation to site of arterial occlusion.2013
Other PublicationStroke; a jourl of cerebral circulationClinical outcomes strongly associated with the degree of reperfusion achieved2013
Other PublicationJourl of neurointerventiol surgeryInteraction between time to treatment2013
Other PublicationANLS OF NEUROLOGYAdvanced imaging improves prediction of hemorrhage after stroke thrombolysis2013
Other PublicationSTROKEEarly Diffusion-Weighted Imaging2013
Other PublicationLancet neurologySelection of patients for intra-arterial therapy--authors' reply.2013
Other PublicationIntertiol jourl of stroke : official jourl of the Intertiol Stroke SocApparent diffusion coefficient threshold for delineation of ischemic core.
Other PublicationSTROKEThe Effects of Alteplase 3 to 6 Hours After Stroke in the EPITHET2013
Other PublicationLANCET NEUROLOGYMRI profile and response to endovascular reperfusion after stroke (DEFUSE 2)2012
Other PublicationSTROKEPatients With the Malignt Profile Within 3 Hours of Symptom Onset Have Very Poor Outcomes After2012
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF NEURORADIOLOGYClinical Assessment of Standard and Generalized Autocalibrating Partially Parallel Acquisition2012
Other PublicationSTROKEAutomated Perfusion Imaging for the Evaluation of Transient Ischemic Attack2012
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYCost comparison between the atraumatic and cutting lumbar puncture needles2012
Other PublicationJOURL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISMThe infarct core is well represented by the acute diffusion lesion2012
Other PublicationIntertiol jourl of stroke : official jourl of the Intertiol Stroke SocYield of CT perfusion for the evaluation of transient ischaemic attack.
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROLOGY NEUROSURGERY AND PSYCHIATRYMRI guides diagnostic approach for ischaemic stroke2011
Other PublicationANLS OF NEUROLOGYGreater Effect of Stroke Thrombolysis in the Presence of Arterial Obstruction2011
Other PublicationSTROKECost-Effectiveness of Tissue2011
Other PublicationSTROKETWO ACES Transient Ischemic Attack Work-Up as Outpatient Assessment of Clinical Evaluation2011
Other PublicationSTROKERAPID Automated Patient Selection for Reperfusion Therapy A Pooled Alysis of the Echoplar Imaging2011
Other PublicationSTROKERefining the Definition of the Malignt Profile Insights From the DEFUSE-EPITHET Pooled Data Set2011
Other PublicationCampbell, B. C., Purushotham, A., Christensen, S., Desmond, P. M., gakThe Acute Diffusion Lesion Reliably Represents Infarct Core2011
Other PublicationMlysh, M., Castle, J., Olivot, J., Wolford, C., Schwartz, N. E., LansbTIA Clinic Triage Strategy Reduces the Cost of TIA Evaluation2011
Other PublicationTu, H. T., Campbell, B. C., Christensen, S., De Silva, D. A., Parsons,Worse Stroke Outcome In Atrial Fibrillation Links To More Severe Hypoperfusion2011
Other PublicationLee, J., Lansberg, M. G., Mlysh, M., De Silva, D. A., Christensen, S.,The Combition Of Reperfusion And Recalization Predicts Favorable Outcome Better Than Reperfusion2011
Other PublicationLee, J., Lansberg, M. G., Mlysh, M., Straka, M., Bammer, R., Olivot, JHigher rCBV Values In The PWI2011
Other PublicationWolford, C., Mlysh, M., Schwartz, N. E., Purushotham, A., Lansberg, M.Mri Based Tia Triage Study2011
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYPostthrombolysis hemorrhage risk is affected by stroke assessment bias between hemispheres2011
Other PublicationStroke research and treatmentA comparison of cooling techniques to treat cardiac arrest patients with hypothermia.2011
Other PublicationCEREBROVASCULAR DISEASESFluid-Attenuated Inversion Recovery Hyperintensity in Acute Ischemic Stroke May Not Predict2011
Other PublicationSPINE JOURLUtility of the anesthetic test dose to avoid cat2010
Other PublicationJOURL OF THE NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCESCapsular warning syndrome caused by middle cerebral artery stenosis2010
Other PublicationTURE REVIEWS NEUROLOGYSTROKE Taking stock-patient selection for acute stroke therapy2010
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYOutcome prediction in mechanically ventilated neurologic patients by junior neurointensivists2010
Other PublicationLee, J., Lansberg, M. G., Mlysh, M., De Silva, D. A., Christensen, S.,Validation of the Malignt Profile in the DEFUSE-EPITHET Pooled Database2010
Other PublicationDe Silva, D. A., Thomalla, G., Oppenheim, C., Albers, G. W., Lansberg,Symptomatic Intracranial Hemorrhage Rates With IV tPA Treatment by Stroke Subtype2010
Other PublicationOlivot, J. M., Wolford, C., Mlysh, M., Castle, J., Lansberg, M., SchwaFactors Predicting the Presence of Acute Ischemic Lesions on Diffusion Weighted2010
Other PublicationWijman, C. A., Snider, R. W., Venkatasubramanian, C., Caulfield, A. F.Diagnostic Accuracy of MRI in Spontaneous Intra-cerebral Hemorrhage (DASH): Initial Results2010
Other PublicationDe Silva, D. A., Mlysh, M., Lansberg, M. G., Lee, J., Christensen, S.,Large and Severe Baseline PWI Volumes Predict Poor Response to Intravenous tPA vs. Placebo in the2010
Other PublicationLansberg, M. G., Lee, J., Christensen, S., Straka, M., De Silva, D. A.DEFUSE and EPITHET: Two Different Studies With One Consistent Message2010
Other PublicationChristensen, S., Campbell, B. C., de la Ossa, N. P., Lansberg, M., StrOptimal Perfusion Thresholds for Prediction of Tissue Destined for Infarction2010
Other PublicationMlysh, M., De Silva, D. A., Lansberg, M. G., Lee, J., Christensen, S.,Optimal Definition of the Malignt Profile in the DEFUSE-EPITHET Pooled Database2010
Other PublicationDe Silva, D. A., Churilov, L., Olivot, J. M., Christensen, S., LansberDoes Presence of Arterial Obstruction Influence the Treatment Effect of Intravenous tPA Over2010
Other PublicationNEUROCRITICAL CAREFavorable Outcome From A Locked-In State Despite Extensive Pontine Infarction By MRI2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF MAGNETIC RESONCE IMAGINGImproving Dymic Susceptibility Contrast MRI Measurement of Quantitative Cerebral Blood Flow using2009
Other PublicationSTROKEGeography, Structure2009
Other PublicationSTROKEEfficacy and Safety of Tissue Plasminogen Activator 3 to 4.5 Hours After Acute Ischemic Stroke A2009
Other PublicationSTROKETreatment Time-Specific Number Needed to Treat Estimates for Tissue Plasminogen Activator Therapy2009
Other PublicationSTROKERelationships Between Cerebral Perfusion2009
Other PublicationSchwartz, N. E., Newbould, R. D., Skare, S., Zaharchuk, G., Mlysh, M.,SENSE Diffusion-weighted Imaging Improves Diagnostic Sensitivity in Acute Ischemic Stroke2009
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYPerfusion MRI (Tmax and MTT) correlation with xenon CT cerebral blood flow in stroke patients2009
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYYield of combined perfusion and diffusion MR imaging in hemispheric TIA2009
Other PublicationJOURL OF NEUROSURGERYCost-effectiveness alysis of mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke Clinical article2009
Other PublicationSTROKEOptimal Tmax Threshold for Predicting Penumbral Tissue in Acute Stroke2009
Other PublicationCEREBROVASCULAR DISEASESRisk of Symptomatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Patients Treated with Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis2009
Other PublicationRADIOLOGYPatients with Acute Stroke Treated with Intravenous tPA 3-6 Hours after Stroke Onset2008
Other PublicationSTROKEThe MRA-DWI mismatch identifies patients with stroke who are likely to benefit from reperfusion2008
Other PublicationSTROKERelationships between infarct growth, clinical outcome2008
Other PublicationJourl of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official jourl of tConcurrent presentation of perimesencephalic subarachnoid hemorrhage and ischemic stroke.2008
Other PublicationJourl of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official jourl of tOptimal outcome measures for detecting clinical benefits of early reperfusion2008
Other PublicationJOURL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISMOptimal definition for PWI/DWI mismatch in acute ischemic stroke patients2008
Other PublicationKumar, M. A., Campbell, D. M., Vangala, H. L., Eyngorn, I., Olivot, J.MRI-based diagnostic evaluation has substantial impact on fil stroke diagnosis2008
Other PublicationCLINICAL NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSURGERYDelirium following abrupt discontinuation of fluoxetine2008
Other PublicationANLS OF NEUROLOGYRisk for symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage after thrombolysis assessed by diffusion2008
Other PublicationSTROKERisk factors of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage after tPA therapy for acute stroke2007
Other PublicationSTROKEEvaluation of the clinical-diffusion and perfusion-diffusion mismatch models in DEFUSE2007
Other PublicationCEREBROVASCULAR DISEASESSymptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage following thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke2007
Other PublicationANLS OF NEUROLOGYMagnetic resonce imaging profiles predict clinical response to early reperfusion2006
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYParadoxical transtentorial herniation due to CSF draige in the presence of a hemicraniectomy2006
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYMRI characteristics of cerebral air embolism from a venous source2006
Other PublicationARCHIVES OF NEUROLOGYMechanical thrombectomy following intravenous thrombolysis in the treatment of acute stroke2005
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYClinical importance of microbleeds in patients receiving IV thrombolysis2005
Other PublicationLansberg, M. G., Thijs, V. N., Bammer, R., Wechsler, L. R., O'Donnell,Who is most likely to benefit from tPA? The perfusion-diffusion2005
Other PublicationAMERICAN JOURL OF NEURORADIOLOGYEvolution of apparent diffusion coefficient, diffusion-weighted2001
Other PublicationARCHIVES OF NEUROLOGYEvolution of cerebral infarct volume assessed by diffusion-weighted magnetic resonce imaging2001
Other PublicationSTROKEIs early ischemic lesion volume on diffusion2000
Other PublicationARCHIVES OF NEUROLOGYAdvantages of adding diffusion2000
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYYield of diffusion-weighted MRI for detection of potentially relevant findings in stroke patients2000
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYComparison of diffusion-weighted MRI and CT in acute stroke2000
Other PublicationNEUROLOGYMRI abnormalities associated with partial status epilepticus1999
Other PublicationSTROKEIntra-arterial rtPA treatment of stroke assessed by diffusion- and perfusion-weighted MRI1999
Other PublicationJourl of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official jourl of tHeadache with neurological deficits and CSF lymphocytosis: A transient ischemic attack mimic.1999

Practice & Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Maarten M Lansberg, MD has not yet indicated the hospitals that he is affiliated with.


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  • Neurologist - Sub-Specialty: Vascular Neurology

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